Francisco Fernandez

Project Manager, Customer Support Manager, Shopify Expert, Translator and English Teacher

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Hi, I'm Fran! Born in Venezuela, living in Chile. My native language is Spanish but I am fluent in English. I have experience working as an English teacher (first job!). After working as an English teacher, I started freelancing as a customer service agent and ecommerce manager. I was promoted to customer service manager and main developer of the Shopify stores I worked at. During this time I did some freelancing as a Shopify developer and translator.

Looking for bigger opportunities, I found a job as a customer service manager at a bigger company where I was in charge of everything customer service related; lead of email, chat, phone and social customer service departments. Implementation of systems and integrations. Creation of KPIs and efficient staff tracking.

During my time being a customer service manager, I started working as a Shopify expert for an ecommerce design and development agency in which after a few months I got a part-time position as a project manager that turned into my currently, full-time position.

A few months after, I was promoted to lead project manager of the agency, in which I've been creating most of our processes from scratch in different managing platforms.


Instituto Autónomo Cuerpo de Bomberos Cabimas


Internship as a paramedic.

Freelance Translations


Translations from English to Spanish.

Worldwide English Language Academy

English Teacher

Taught English and made written tests for teens and adults from level 1 to level 18.


Customer Support Agent > Head of Customer Support > Head of Administrative Team

Customer Support Agent: worked with several ticketing platforms such as Reamaze, Gorgias, Zendesk and Helpscout as an agent. Processed unapplied discounts, order changes, tracking updates on the Shopify platform.

Fulfillment Agent: worked with the use of apps such as MassFulfill, Easy Reports and Dropified along with suppliers, uploaded tracking numbers, sourced products and made order updates.

Head of Customer Support: handled staff, KPIs and reporting with the use of Google Sheets, Docs and time trackers such as Hubstaff.

Head of Administration: continued to handle the staff of several areas, including fulfillment, customer support and disputes/high risk orders. Created KPIs for the team, developed Shopify stores and fully set them up. Worked with PayPal, Stripe and Shopify Payments disputes/chargebacks to deescalate and solve them. Worked with Airtable to manage new products and made changes and approvals.

Other tasks: Launched ads through Facebook Ads, settting them up from scratch. Set up Google Analytics accounts. Managed a Google Suite account with several domains. Created Zapier automations.

DMYF Online Project


English to Spanish cryptocurrency article translation.

Miracle Brand

Customer Service Manager

Management for everything customer service related,; lead of email, chat, phone and social customer service departments. Implementation of systems and integrations. Creation of KPIs and efficient staff tracking.

Colored Byte

Developer > Project Manager > Lead Project Manager

Developer: worked developing ecommerce stores in the Shopify platform based on Figma designs.

Project Manager: worked managing projects focused in branding, UI/UX design and/or development within the Shopify and Webflow platforms and design software Figma.

Lead Project Manager: I create automation-focused processes from scratch for all sorts of different types of projects focused on design, branding, email marketing and development. Tools used are Asana, Basecamp, Toggl, Zapier, Airtable and others.


U.E Andrés Eloy Blanco

Comp. 03/27/2012

Basic Computer Technician

Studied and successfully finished the course of Basic Computer Technician in High School.

SIEDUCA (Concordia's Teachers)

Comp. 10/01/2013

Advanced English

Studied and successfully finished the course of Advanced English for adults.

Centro Educativo Formadores del Futuro, C.A

Comp. 04/15/2014

Technician in prehospital emergencies

Studied and successfully finished the course of Technician in prehospital emergencies.

Universidad del Zulia (LUZ)

11/10/2014 - 08/28/2017

Biology and Mechanical Engineering

Studied the careers of Biology and Mechanical Engineering.

Previous Work


You can see my previous e-commerce work with reviews and images by going on my Fiverr profile below.

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Articles written in English that have been translated to Spanish on the website DMYF Online Project.

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